3 Common Causes of Damaged and Cracked Tiles

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When a tile cracks in your Colorado home, regardless of its location, it can be frustrating. Repairing and replacing tiles is no easy task and it is not a home renovation project that should be delayed. Unfortunately, these instances happen for many reasons. Here are three common causes of damaged and cracked tiles.

1. Heavy Objects Fell on It

One of the most common reasons for damaged and cracked tiles is a heavy object fell on top of it. This is particularly common in the kitchen area where you are regularly working and moving large pots and pans, and the area receives a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes, if the object falls just right, there may be only a small chip or a slight crack that can be repaired without replacing the entire tile. However, in many instances, you may need to remove an entire tile or several tiles at once.

2. You Don’t Use Quality Materials

If you are trying to save a few bucks when renovating your home, your tile should not be the place to do it. When you purchase lower-quality tiles, they are more prone to breakage and damage. You will find yourself replacing and repairing tiles more frequently than if purchasing high-quality materials right from the beginning.

3. It was Installed Incorrectly

Many individuals choose to install new tiles in their home on their own. And while this can be successful, if they do not install the tiles correctly, it can actually cost more money over time. There are many small mistakes, such as adding too much water to the grout, that many novices may not recognize. These small mistakes can significantly affect the tiles and cause them to crack and chip more easily.

To ensure you have high-quality materials and that the tile is installed correctly right from the beginning, you should call a tile repair specialist. Call today to schedule a consultation at (720)-517-8041 and ensure your grout and tile are looking its best.

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