How to Get the Best Grout Cleaning

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There’s nothing worse than gray or discolored grout around the tile in your home or business. If this describes your floor or countertop, you may be tempted to simply remove the tiles and start over, but that would be an expensive mistake. Grout cleaning can restore your floor to its original luster, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg!

What Grout Cleaners Must Do

Professional grout cleaners must follow these steps for best results:

Inspection– The professional will first inspect your entire kitchen, bathroom or other area to be cleaned and determine what areas need work. 

Prepping– The next step is prepping the area for cleaning by removing all of your personal items from the room and covering anything that may get harmed during cleaning. 

Vacuuming– This step is optional, but can be very helpful if you have a large area that needs attention. Professional grout cleaners always vacuum before they clean, as it helps loosen dirt and helps with deep cleaning afterward. 

Scrubbing– This is where all of the dirty work happens! Professionals are equipped with special scrubbers that are made out of sponge-like material to help reach in between cracks in the grout. If you’re looking for an easier DIY option, try using baking soda and vinegar as a scrubber – just make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards!

Rinsing– Professionals rinse every surface after scrubbing, but this step is optional for do-it-yourselfers. Make sure to give everything time to dry completely before putting your items back in place.

What the Grout Specialist Offers

The Grout Specialist in Colorado offers a variety of services for your home. Our crew will come out and clean your tile and grout, resurface your natural stone, or seal granite countertops for you. The experts at our company can also make a custom color grout mix for you! Call us today at (720) 517-8041 to get more information about our services.

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