Resealing Tiles and Grout in Your Bathroom

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Whether you enjoy home repairs or DIY, it’s important to keep on top of certain tasks within your property. Your bathroom, in particular, should be a priority area. As it is a wet area that is prone to moisture, neglecting to perform any necessary maintenance or repairs can result in a lot of problems further down the line. 

Resealing tiles and grout is one of the key tasks you should consider in order to keep your bathroom looking good. 

Why Your Bathroom Needs Tile and Grout SealerTravertine Flooring

Without proper sealant, your tiles and grout are left exposed to the elements. Water, bacteria, and stains can get absorbed by the tiles, leaving them with potential long-term damage. A sealant will block out any moisture and keep your tiles and grout dry. 

The hot and humid conditions of your bathroom can cause wear and tear that ages your tiles more quickly. The faster your tiles break down, the more often you will have to get them replaced. This takes up more of your time and money. 

How to Know if Your Grout Seal is Sufficient

Resealing tiles and grout is a task that you probably tend to delay for as long as possible. However, if your sealant is not functional, it’s important that you get it redone by a professional to keep your bathroom looking great. 

You can assess the condition of your grout by adding a few drops of water to the tiles. If the grout gets darker when wet, it’s a sign that it is not sealed. Brand-new grout can take 24-48 hours to fully dry. If the color remains the same after getting wet, it’s likely the sealant is still functional. 

For help with resealing tiles and grout, contact The Grout Specialists today, and get a quote for our tile cleaning and sealing services. 

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