Should You Clean or Replace Discolored Tile Floors?

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Tile floors add a modern look to any room, but they also come with some drawbacks: they are often slippery, and some of the tiles may discolor. In order for your floor to stay looking its best, you need to maintain it. Whether you plan on making a change to the floor or you want to help prevent discoloration, there are a few things you can do that will help prevent tile from discoloring.

Cleaning and Maintaining Discolored Tile Floors

  1. Preparing a floor to lay tiles

    Tile floors are a great way to help brighten up a space without adding a lot of work to it.

    Clean With a Solution of Water and Bleach: If some of your tiles have become discolored, you will need to clean them before you can restore them to their former glory. The easiest way is by using a solution made from one part bleach and two parts water.  Mix the solution in a bucket and immerse your discolored floor tiles. Using a soft-bristled brush, scrub lightly, then rinse thoroughly.

  2. Marble Cleaner: If your floor is made of marble, you can use a cleaning product specifically designed for this type of stone to restore its shine. Make sure that you wear gloves while doing this. Use a clean cloth to apply the product.
  3. Start From the Top: When cleaning, always start by scrubbing your floor from the top and work down towards the bottom of your floor so that you can easily rinse away all dirt. If you need to remove stains on grout, use a pencil eraser first before cleaning.
  4. Protection: Once you have cleaned your floor, it is very important that you protect the surface from water and moisture because this can lead to the discoloring of tiles.

A great way to do this is by applying a mild sealer so that any future stains are easily removable. To make sure that the floors look brand new again, get a professional to work on the floor for tile cleaning and sealing.

When in doubt, contact The Grout Specialist and get a quote.

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