The Trouble With Grout Cleaning Yourself

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Some people who are tired of paying for grout cleaning and resealing in Littleton may get the idea that by using a few homemade tools and techniques, they can get ahead of the price and clean their grout for less. However, you wouldn’t look for the cheapest and cleanest contractor, and you shouldn’t keep the same mindset going when it comes to your own work. DIY sites and YouTube tutorials are often better off being passed over, and here’s why.

The Trouble With Tools

grout cleaningA lot of people may try to sell you on brushing tools to try and get rid of grout grime, but in general, these tend to move the dirt around rather than getting rid of it. The reason for this is because a lot of the time, professionals use tools like steam to actually get into the grout rather than just vigorously rubbing the surface, avoiding damage. Don’t get into the habit of modifying power tools, either. While these are popular in some home tutorials, these can be dangerous for both your grout and yourself.

Watching Your Materials

Another thing that should be mentioned when it comes to DIY grout cleaning project is the type of material and cleaning that ends up being used. In some cases, this may actually end up being harmful for your grout. For example, a common recommendation is using baking soda and vinegar because it’s not as harsh as bleach and made from natural ingredients. While this is technically true, it does lead to other problems. For example, vinegar is extremely acidic and not well suited for grout. The fizzing caused by this combination may make for a cleaner look, but it also wears down your grout and weakens its integrity, meaning you’re going to be paying more for a replacement sooner than you thought.

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