What to Do When Your Grout is Falling Off

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When you begin to notice that the grout in your Boulder home is falling out, it is not something that should be ignored. This is a sign that there is something majorly wrong with it, which is likely due to one or more of the many common grout-sealing mistakes being made during the installation process. But in order to take action, you first need to know what to do about falling out grout.

Why Grout Falls Out?

There are two main reasons why grout may begin to suddenly fall out in some spots. The first possibility is that there was an improper amount of water mixed with the grout when it was mixed. When too much water is added, it begins to create an issue with the bonding of the substance. Instead of holding strong, it will begin to become crumbly and start to fall out within only a few months.

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Old grout needs to be completely removed before adding in any new grout.

But if this isn’t the issue, then it is likely because someone attempted to do grout replacing without completely removing the old stuff first. When you attempt to place new grout on top of old grout, it significantly lowers the capabilities of the new grout and makes it much more likely to fail sooner rather than later.

How to Fix Grout That is Falling Out

When this happens, there is no salvaging the remaining grout. Chances are that it is all defective anyways, so it will likely fail fairly soon as well. That is why you need to have someone completely remove the grout using some kind of grout rake or remover. Once this is done, a new batch of grout needs to be applied to the tile joints.

If your grout ever begins to fall out, then you’ll want to make sure that you get it repaired as fast as possible, which is why you need to contact a team of professionals. That is why you should call The Grout Specialist today at (720) 923 – 8984 or click here to learn more about our grout repair and replacement services.

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