What is Grout Sealer, Anyway?

When you are installing new tile, you use grout to hold the tiles in place. Grout fills the seams between tiles, giving your kitchen or bath a finished look and creating a smooth surface. [...]

How to Prevent Tile and Grout Stains

Stains in your tile or grout can make your floors look dingy and your countertops look dull. With some proactive maintenance, you can save a lot of trouble down the road. Worn or moldy grout will [...]

Tips for Cleaning Grout and Tile

Your tiles probably see a lot of wear and tear. Whether they are in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home, the ceramic tile and grout are going to be vulnerable to problems if they [...]

Why Get New Tiles When You Can Regrout?

Bathroom tiles face a lot. Steam and standing water in your shower and bath can lead to mold, discoloration, and a pretty grimy looking bathroom. While your tiles are looking pretty sorry, they [...]