3 Signs It’s Time to Re-Grout Your Tile

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When it comes to protecting your tiles, you shouldn’t take any chances. Grout plays an important role in keeping your tiles secure and strong. While grout is designed to last for at least a year, it can become worn by everyday use. Even strong epoxy grout can become damaged by foot traffic or the elements. If you aren’t sure if you need to re-grout your floor or you can get by with a few simple grout repairs, here are a few clear signs to look for.

Pieces are Missing

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your grout is when huge parts of it have gone missing. The tiles may still be in place, but large dips and cracks are starting to take over the grout. Sometimes, these missing parts aren’t as visible. For example, some grout damage may cause a large, even dip that easily blends in from a distance.

Tiles Keep Coming Loose

While it isn’t uncommon for a tile to pop out of place, especially in a high-traffic area, it shouldn’t happen every day. Whether one tile is being “a little difficult” or a whole section of the floor is becoming more sensitive, you need to take a look at your grout. In some smaller areas, simple repairs can help avoid much more significant problems later on.

Your Repairs Stopped Working

With grout repairs in Denver, new grout can simply be applied over the old grout to correct the issue. However, grout that is past its prime won’t stick to new grout. That’s why most professionals dig out the old grout in the problem area, quickly replacing it. If the new grout isn’t holding or other areas are also becoming troublesome for your tiles, you may want to consider grout replacement.

Experts Save Time and Money

Working with a local professional can help you identify the most cost-effective grout solution. The Grout Specialist is always happy to help inspect tiled areas to determine if re-grouting or repair is necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our dedicated grout repair services in Denver.

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