4 Areas to Focus on While Spring Cleaning

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Spring is closer than you think. When the snow begins to melt, more and more people will be busting out their home cleaning supplies. While there are dozens of areas throughout your home that likely needs attention, here are a few areas you should be paying extra-close attention to.

Start with the Walls

When spring cleaning, you should start with large, high up areas; however, you need to make sure you are paying attention to every detail. While dusting the corners of the ceiling is great, those aren’t areas most people will notice right away. Most people are drawn to colorful backsplashes and wall tiles. Gently scrub them down to ensure they are looking their best.

Shower Tiles

Most showers stay relatively clean throughout the year, but spring is the perfect time to ensure everything looks its best. As you clean, inspect the overall quality of your tiles and grout. If there are noticeable signs of damage or discoloration, it may be time for a replacement.

Kitchen Counters

Cleaning the kitchen counters is a normal part of most people’s regular cleaning routine. During spring cleaning, you need to take it a step further, investigating all the cracks and crevices. Move the appliances if needed to scrub under and in between countertops. You may be surprised by just how much dirt and grease is hiding in your kitchen!

Finish with the Floors

When cleaning a home, it is always best to start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. The problem is that by the time you get to the bottom, you might be exhausted or dealing with some tough stains. Working with a professional grout cleaning company in Denver can help you ensure you are getting the thorough clean you need to welcome in the spring. Professionals will also be able to notice signs of potential tile or grout damage, suggesting preventative maintenance that prolongs the life of your floor.

Get Help with Your Spring Cleaning

The Grout Specialist is happy to help people with a wide range of tile and grout cleaning projects. Whether you need help with a troublesome backsplash or the kitchen floor, we are at your service. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services.

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