4 Signs Your Tiles Need Professional Cleaning

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With germs and bacteria on everyone’s minds, tile cleaning takes on a new level of urgency. It’s especially important that you make sure the tile and grout in your floors, kitchen, and bathrooms are regularly cleaned. This is particularly important in publicly shared spaces.

Even if you make tile cleaning a part of your regular cleaning routine, tiles found in the busy areas of your home can still accumulate a sizable amount of dirt and bacteria. Frequent cleaning can prolong the appearance of your tiles, but having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned can take them to a whole new level of sterilization and sparkle. Let’s look at some telltale signs that it’s time you have some professional tile cleaning done.

Reasons Your Tiles Need Cleaning

Tile cleaning is generally easy to implement than a full-on replacement.

Some clear indicators that your tiles need professional cleaning include the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Dull appearance
  • Worn appearance
  • Cracked appearance

It can be tempting to replace your tiles when any of the above characteristics make them less appealing. However, professional tile cleaning is generally a lot less expensive and disruptive to your household.

Why Tiles Deteriorate

Tiles are often located in areas that have consistently moist conditions, like in your bathroom and kitchen. If you have natural light shining directly on your tiles for extended periods of time, this can cause your tiles to slowly break down and become discolored or take on a dull appearance. Signs of deteriorating tiles are also signs of the presence of bacteria. Professional tile cleaning gets rid of bacteria and brings your tiles back to their sparkly appearance you loved when they were first installed. Using a sparkly clean bathroom can make it feel like you’re at a spa every day.

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