Telltale Signs Your Grout Isn’t Properly Sealed

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Well-sealed tile grout — whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or on your floors — gives your home an overall tidy and well-maintained look. Tile grout is not only decorative, but also provides protection to your tiles. Grout is made of a mixture of cement and sand, and after it is applied between two tiles to join them, it needs to be properly sealed. Over time, grout tends to come off as the grout sealing wears away or if it wasn’t applied properly in the first place.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to call a professional company that provides a grout sealing service. This service will also apply grout cleaner and restore your tiles and grout to look as good as new. Grout sealing services will help your tiles and grout maintain their pristine state for longer.

Signs Your Grout Isn’t Sealed or the Seal Is Deteriorating

Looking at your grout is key to determining when you need service.

If you notice your tile grout is changing color, specifically getting darker when it’s wet, you can be pretty sure the seal is broken and needs to have some grout sealing reapplied by a professional. You may also notice dirt and grime gathering between your tiles that doesn’t wipe off when you apply a grout cleaner. Because grout is porous, if your grout sealing is worn away, the grout will soak up water, dirt, and dust that becomes more and more ground in as your tiled surfaces are used.

Why Grout Needs To Be Sealed

Tile grout is porous and can soak up bacteria and environmental elements, causing it to deteriorate and accumulate dust, grime, and water. This accumulation can cause cracks to appear on your tiles and eventually cause them to become weak and break. Grout sealing sometimes needs to be reapplied, especially to older tile applications.

By having fresh grout sealing applied, you will prolong your tile surface’s lifespan and minimize damage considerably.

Contact The Grout Specialist today to receive a free quote on professional grout sealing services. They’re here to help!

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