7 Common Caulking Mistakes

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Caulking might seem like a simple job, but there are many mistakes that amateurs make when attempting this type of work.

Below are seven of the most common mistakes.

Gluing Instead of Sealing

If you see daylight or feel a draft through any the crack you’re addressing, the key is to seal it with silicone.

Forgetting To Seal Every Leak

It’s common to forget to address leaks in basements, attics and crawl spaces. Leaks in these areas often cause the biggest headaches for homeowners, much bigger than those found in doors and windows.

Forgetting the Caulk Gun

Caulk guns are needed to properly dispense caulk. It’s not designed to be squeezed out of the cartridge. If the job is smaller, consider using GE Caulk Singles, which are disposable packages of caulk that don’t require a gun.

Caulking over Old Caulk

Don’t ever caulk over old caulk. It’ll cause a raft of problems. Instead, remove the old caulk with a razor blade then clean the surface. Doing so helps to strip off mold and mildew.  Once the surface is clean and dry, you can caulk to your heart’s content.

Reckless Caulking

When using your caulk gun, make sure to keep a steady hand and not to press too hard. This will help to ensure you achieve a smooth bead and avoiding unsightly ‘globs’ in your work.

The caulk gun should be held at a 45-degree angle to help you achieve a steady job.

Neglecting Tooling

Lazy caulkers may neglect the final job of smoothing the caulk. This is often referred to as ‘tooling’, but is overlooked by amateurs more often than you might think. It’s as simple as running your finger along the bead to ensure that it’s neat and fills the gap properly.

Letting Water Wash Away Your Work

Caulk can sometimes take 24 hours or longer before it can safely be exposed to water. If water contacts it sooner, it could wash away your great caulking job.

To prevent these mistakes happening at your home, trust a reputable grout company with all your caulking needs.

If you have grout in your home that needs repair or you need professional grout cleaning services, contact The Grout Specialists online or at (720)517-8041. They can help you repair the grout in your Denver home and make it look just like new.

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