Should You Repair or Replace Chipped and Crumbling Grout?

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Are you thinking about doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation or just looking to improve one of the spaces’ overall appearance? If so, you may be wondering what to do with the grout. 

Grout repair is often needed during these projects as it tends to be a space that falls apart quickly, especially if the installation was done wrong. Figuring out if you need grout replacement or just a simple repair is not always easy, especially when dealing with chipped and crumbling grout. Depending on the root cause of these issues, the resolution will be different.

Problems Caused by Chipped, Cracked, Crumbling Grout 

When looking at your grout and seeing chipping and cracks or crumbling, it can often cause even further issues. When you have grout that is exposed to air and water, mold and mildew can quickly grow. If you do not get grout repair as soon as possible, these issues can worsen and even cause various health risks. 

If the grout is crumbling and falling out, you may need a full replacement, whereas grout that is still intact but just cracked may need a simple repair. If you work with a growth specialist, they can determine the best course of action to solve the problem promptly.

Make your grout look like new once again.

Make sure you contact an expert for their opinion.

Repairing Grout 

For minor damage, it can be easily repaired, whereas significant signs of damage need replacement. Water damage tends to be the most significant issue that can arise with grout, so you may need to spring for a replacement if you find this. 

If you work with the right company, they can ensure that the grout used is very durable and prevents further issues from arising later down the line.

If you want to get the best service around, contact The Grout Specialist today. They will help you choose the right option for you, whether it is a repair or replacement.


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Make your grout look like new once again.grout