Should I Clean My Grout Before Recoloring?

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Grout discoloration is common for homes in the Denver area. Luckily, you don’t have to live with this unappealing look. Grout recoloring for Denver homes is available and can transform the look of your tiles. This one task can make any countertop, floor, or even shower look like new once again.

However, prior to completing the grout restoring process, you should hire a grout cleaning company in Denver to deep clean and sanitize your grout. Here’s why.

Grout is Porous

Grout is an extremely porous material and will absorb bacteria, dirt, grime, and other elements. This is why grout can appear dirty and unappealing so quickly. When deep-cleaning the grout, our experts use high temperature steam at a low-pressure along with eco friendly cleaners to remove the trapped substances. This process will ensure that you have the cleanest grout on the block!


Grout CleaningEnsures You Have the Proper Color

If you want to match the color of the existing grout, it is important you can see exactly what that color is supposed to be. When you deep clean the grout, it removes the dirt and grime that is making the grout look old and dark. You are better able to match the grout colors and provide for a more complete and consistent look.


It Increases Lifespan of Grout

You want the grout in your home to last as long as possible. When you deep clean it, it increases its lifespan. Dirt, scratches, liquid, etc., can weaken your grout and make it susceptible to damage. It can also affect the coloring of the grout, potentially staining it. Not all grout needs to be recolored, it largely depends on how the grout has been taken care of. When you deep clean it and properly care for it, you will find it lasts much longer and looks great. It’s also important to remember that a color-seal can only be used on non-sanded grout.

Regular grout maintenance is necessary to keep your Denver home looking like new and it prevents spending money on expensive and inconvenient grout repairs.

Contact The Grout Specialist today for all of your grout cleaning and grout coloring needs. Schedule your consultation by calling 720-923-8984 or by making an appointment online.

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