Clever Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home Before Selling It

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Presenting your home in the best possible fashion can make a huge difference to the speed at which it sells, and the size of the bid from potential buyers.

Even though buyers are logically aware they can fix the errors they spot in a house, it can leave a sour first impression that can be difficult to remove from their minds.

It could result in them making a bid underneath your asking price, or deciding not to bid at all for the property.

That’s why it’s so important to remove any small imperfections from your home before putting your house on the market.

Here are some useful tips for sprucing up your home before you sell it.

Make a great first impression

First impression really do count for a lot, so you want to wow potential buyers from the second they step foot on your property. You can do this by hiring a gardener to spruce up your front law or adding a fresh coat of paint onto your front door and windows.


It’s easy to let the cleaning get ahead of you, but having loads of mess scattered around the house can put off buyers. Do your best to keep things tidy and remove any signs of animal hair or foul odors from your pets.

Deep-clean your kitchen and bathroom tiles

Many studies have shown that the state of kitchen and bathroom play a huge role in a buyer’s decision on whether to place a bid on a property. Indeed, a brand new kitchen and bathroom tend to grant a huge return on investment when it comes to the value they add to a home’s selling price.

If you don’t have the time or funds to invest in a brand new kitchen or bathroom by investing in a deep-clean of the tiles in these rooms to help make them look brand new. Removing the grout efficiently is a difficult job, which is a best left to the professionals, especially if it’s been allowed to build up over many months of years.

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