5 Common Grout-Sealing Mistakes To Avoid

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Sealing your grout is important for protecting it from discoloration and mold, and therefore helps bathroom and kitchen tiles look clean and fresh. However, the sealant can be difficult to apply perfectly without any expertise. Below are 5 common mistakes you can avoid when applying the grout sealer for a flawless finish:

Using Too Much Sealant

You might be tempted to use more grout sealer to get the job done quickly, but an excess amount can easily spill over onto the tiles. As a result, unnecessary time will have to be spent scrubbing the excess sealant off. Instead, try using less product to minimize the amount that gets onto the tiles and make it easier to clean up.

grout sealing in the kitchenUsing Sealant On Damp Grout

Even if you get impatient, you must wait for the grout to completely dry before applying the sealant. If it is applied to damp grout, the sealant will end up peeling off and leave the grout exposed to dust and dirt.

Using Spray-On Sealant

While this may seem like a convenient option, you won’t be able to apply the sealant on precise areas. You’ll likely cover tiles with the product, which you’ll have to clean off after. The worst case is some areas will be unknowingly missed, causing those parts to become discolored and vulnerable to mold.

Letting Sealer Dry On Tile

Leaving sealant on the tile and letting it dry can cost you a lot of time and effort cleaning it off afterward. Although it is inevitable for the sealant to get onto the tile, the best practice is to wipe up the mess right away with an absorbent towel before it dries.

Uneven Application

Randomly applying sealant on different areas will not only look uneven, but you could also miss some sections. Instead, you should start from one corner and work systematically across the floor for a uniform application. This way, you’ll also ensure that the grout is protected and less prone to stains.

With all that said, we still recommend hiring a grout sealing company in Denver to help you get the job done, as their expertise will ensure that your grout is properly sealed and looks absolutely flawless.

If you’re looking to get your tiles re-grouted and sealed, The Grout Specialist can help you with their professional grout sealing services.

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