Sealing Grout and Your Kitchen

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Having tile in your kitchen can add style and sophistication to your space. You can find a variety of designs and colors that match your personality and make your home unique. These tiles can be added to the floor or countertops—or both.

When it comes to having tiles in your kitchen, it’s imperative that you seal the grout. Since most grout is basically a combination of sand and cement, it can be incredibly porous, which means that it will absorb water, stains, and bacteria.

Benefits of a Grout Sealer

When water seeps into your grout, this increases the chances of mold and mildew growing. This can be a health hazard and lead to family members getting sick. If bacteria are allowed to grow in the grout, this can also make people sick. It doesn’t matter if the grout is on the floor, counters, or backsplash. Getting it sealed is beneficial.

grout sealing on tile floorsBy adding a grout sealing, you will ensure it is waterproof so that mold and mildew are discouraged from growing. It will also keep bacteria from finding a home in the grout. In the kitchen, this is especially important because that is where people prepare and consume food.

Not only do people eat food in the kitchen, but a lot of the food they are preparing may contain bacteria that can cross-contaminate other items. This can include chicken. While it’s totally safe to eat when cooked thoroughly, if the germs get into unsealed grout and someone places a carrot on that part of the counter, it can still get into their system and make them sick.

Seal Often

Sealing your grout, especially in your kitchen, is a great way to ensure that bacteria and mold growth don’t occur. This is a step that will need to be done every few years to ensure that the health of the family is protected.

Talking to a professional and having them seal your grout properly is the best way to keep everyone in the house healthy and safe. Tile and grout can look amazing in the kitchen, but it has to be treated properly.

At the Grout Specialist, we have the skills and expertise to seal your grout properly and keep bacteria and mold from growing in the spaces between your tiles. Call us today to find out more.

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