Giving Vintage Bathrooms New Life

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From mid-century furniture to macramé wall hangings, that which was old is new (and hot) again. Vintage bathroom tile is no exception. The traditional tiles of the 40’s and 50’s, be they white, black, pink, or turquoise, are being embraced by designers and homeowners alike. This trend is not only environmentally friendly, but also lends your home a sense of character and history while saving you money.

Creating a classic look

To give your vintage bathroom the modern makeover it needs, let your tiles be the star of the show. To showcase your tile and create a fresh, clean restroom retreat, you’ll want to embrace neutrals in other areas of the room. Complement your vintage tiles with a solid neutral wall color. White walls will leave your room bright and contemporary feel, as will the addition of a classic white or simple striped shower curtain. Uncomplicated accouterments, such as towel racks and faucets, in chrome or matte black, will also contribute to an overall classic feeling. Updating toilets, tubs, and sinks to simple, clean-lined white fixtures will also instantly elevate the look and feel of the room.

Once the fixtures and cosmetic components have been updated, it’s time to call in The Grout Specialist. The Grout Specialist can clean grout that’s been discolored from years of wear and tear making the whole space look fresh and beautiful while still preserving your tile’s original charm. At the same time, The Grout Specialist can remove and replace any tiles that may be loose or damaged. Beyond tile restoration, The Grout Specialist can also help you refresh the caulking around your tub. New caulking will not only give a crisp and clean appearance, but will also prevent water damage to the wall and floor surrounding the tub.

Get the help you need!

Call The Grout Specialist, and before you know it, your outdated bathroom will be a classic beauty.

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