How to Tell If Your Grout Needs Repairing

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Grout is very important to keeping tile both safe and looking good. However, grout also undergoes a lot of stress due to heavy foot traffic and neglect. Grout will occasionally need cleaning and repair in order to keep tiles safe and looking their best. There are signs to look out for in order to know when it is time to get grout cleaned, repaired, or recolored.


Grout Cleaning Discoloration can occur due to heavy foot traffic and the buildup of dust and dirt. It can be hard to tell if grout is discolored because it tends to all become discolored slowly all together at once, rather than having one spot change first. If the grout color is noticeably discolored, then there could be bacteria building up or staining occurring. To tell if the grout has become discolored, try moving a piece of furniture that has been covering a part of the grout, like a refrigerator. If the grout underneath the piece of furniture is a different color than the grout throughout the rest of the room, then it is time to get the grout repaired or recolored.


Grout covers the entire surface of the floor with the tiles laid down on top of it, however, gaps can form between the tile and the grout after the tile has been laid. This is dangerous for the tile as it makes the tiles sides more vulnerable. These cracks are relatively easy for a specialist to repair, however, if it is not repaired there can be serious damage done to the tile.


Cracks in grouting are the perfect spot for bacteria to build up. Once a crack has formed it is very difficult to clean and therefore can become a health hazard or even begin to smell. On top of this, a badly cracked portion of grout can be unsightly and make the entire floor look worn down. If cracks occur there will need to be repairs made or even re-grouting.

The Grout Specialist can quickly get grout repairs done and looking brand new once more. Give us a call at (720) 517-8041 to schedule an appointment today.


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