How to Recaulk a Bathroom

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There are several places in your bathroom like a sink, shower, or tub that may require recaulking after a period of time. Caulking can wear down, crack, or even shrink after being exposed to water for so long. Hiring a caulking and recaulking service from Lafayette, Colorado is your easiest option for getting a professional-grade finish. If you’re a handyman, this is a project you may want to conquer on your own. These steps will help you in mastering the technique of recaulking your bathroom.

Remove Old Caulking

First, you need to remove the old caulking from your bathroom by using a razor blade or a sharp edge. Caulking is usually found around places that are regularly wet, like the end of a bathtub or the corners of a shower. Don’t rush this process as you may scratch the tile surrounding the caulking.

Travertine FlooringClean the Tiles

Vacuuming the tiles will remove an access caulking from the surrounding area. You should then moisten a cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the remaining residue from the surface. Caulking and recaulking in Evergreen, Colorado can take some time, but this is an important step you can’t skip.

Apply New Caulking

You need to use a caulking gun to activate the tube of caulking liquid in order for this step to begin. Then, drag the tip of the gun slowly along where the caulking needs to be applied. If you’re a beginner, you may accidentally apply too much caulking to an area, but that can be fixed afterward. Repeat this step across all the parts of the bathroom that need recaulking.

Smooth Lines

Lastly, you should remove any large dollops of caulking in order to create uniformed lines. Dipping your finger in water and run it along the caulk line to smooth out any excess caulk. Think about hiring a professional caulking and recaulking service from Cherry Hills, Colorado if you still feel uneasy about this process.

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