New Trends in Grout

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When it comes to making a house unique, people will look for creative ways to express their style and sophistication. Those elements may include a large part of the home, such as using a whole-house paint scheme or choosing particular floors or elemental designs, or they may be small, such as making grout stand out.

When it comes to trends in grout installation, there are a few trends that are being used more and more in homes to make them aesthetically pleasing. Below are some of the trends you may consider when getting new tiles and grout in your home.

grout installation image of colorful paper stripsColored Grout

Grout is no longer being viewed as a filler for the space between tiles. It is having color added so that you can have a different aesthetic and look to anywhere in the house that you have tiles. Whether on the floor, the walls, or in the bathroom, adding color to the grout can add that extra touch.

There is a wide range of grout colors that people can choose from, and they can be as subtle or bold as their taste demands. From red to pink to orange to gold to blue and everything in between, you can match your tiles and your grout for an amazing-looking space.

Glitter Grout

If adding color to your grout isn’t quite enough, you can also add glitter. This can add glamor to any part of your house, as well as catching the light and making your home sparkle. It comes in a variety of different colors from metallic, such as gold and silver, to colorful, including red, pink, or blue.

No matter which route you choose when it comes to recent trends in grout, whether colored or glittered (or both!), don’t forget to add a sealant to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. This will also prevent it from getting stained and mold or mildew from growing—all of which can detract from the beauty of the grout.

If you’re contemplating getting colored or glitter grout, talk to the Grout Specialist and see which one will work best for your home and add flair to your space.

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