Picking the Right Color of Bathroom Tile

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The bathroom is always a busy area in every home. Different family members are constantly bathing, showering and getting ready throughout the day. Due to its high traffic, it’s important that the bathroom is a visually appealing place in the home. One of the best ways to give a bathroom character is by choosing the right color of tile. Having the right color of tile can make or break the visual appeal and ambiance of a bathroom.

 Maximum of 3 Colors

It can be tempting to get creative and use a number of colors of tile for bathrooms. However, the less is more rule also applies to bathrooms. It’s best to find one color that you are really fond of and create a 3 color pattern based around that central color. This gives it a tasteful and creative look without being over stimulating or tacky.

 Compare to Other Colors in the Bathroom

Although some color combinations look good on their own, not all tiles look good in every bathroom. It can be too easy to find a design or pattern that you love, only to have it clash with the current bathroom setup. Be sure to take a picture of the bathroom and bring it with you when picking tiles. You can reference the picture when making a decision. It is also recommended to bring color swatches or tile examples into the bathroom. This can give you a solid visual idea as to how the finished product will look.

Hiring Professional Help

Not everyone is born with a keen eye for fashion and design. Sometimes it is necessary to call in professional help. Calling in a professional interior designer can allow you to relax while the designer does the hard work. They can provide multiple patterns and designs, and can work with you to ensure a perfect final product.

To learn more about different tile color options, call The Grout Specialists today at 720-517-8041 or click here and schedule your consultation.

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