Regrouting vs. Cleaning: Tile Grout Edition

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Grout cleaners are one of the most popular products purchased by homeowners and rental property owners alike. And why not? If your grout lines have become dingy, dirty, or stained, then cleaning them is a better alternative than re-grouting. In this article, we’ll help you determine when re-grouting might be needed versus when grout cleaning will do the trick.

When Re-Grouting May Be Necessary

A grout expert can suggest when is necessary to re-grout.

If you notice pieces of your grout are missing, you may need to consider re-grouting. If not attended to, mildew and mold can grow and great bigger problems down the road. Whereas if you treat the affected area immediately, you could extend the life of your grout. 

Grout Cleaning

Deep cleaning tile grout once every six months will suffice for most homeowners who are looking to maintain their flooring. If you want your tiles to look as new as possible, be sure to use vinegar-and-water solutions on your mop; avoid bleach, which can fade certain tile types. Once the tiles are clean and dry, give them a good scrubbing with a wire brush. This process can help remove any dirt or mildew trapped between surfaces. You may need additional tools or products depending on what type of tile or grout you have.

Trust the Professionals

The Grout Specialist team is here to help with all your grout service needs. Whether your home needs grout repair or cleaning, we can help. Contact us today

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