Removing Mildew from Shower Tiles and Grout

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Your shower and bath, a place where you start and often finish your day, a place of calm and quiet,  soothing hot water and…mildew? Yuck!

Bathroom tile takes a beating. Constantly exposed to moisture, humidity, and beauty products, bathroom tile and grout can quickly become Petri dishes for the build-up of mildew and more.

So what’s a bathroom owner to do? There are some home remedies for combatting bathroom scum.

Battling bathroom build-up

We all remember the baking soda and vinegar experiments from grade school science class, right? Well, just as cool are their powers as cleaning agents. Dampen a sponge, then liberally coat it with baking soda. Scrub your tiles and grout with your sponge (a toothbrush can also work well for hard to access grout lines). Once the tiles have a good coating of baking soda, it’s time to bring in the vinegar. Add one part water and one part vinegar to a spray bottle. Now spray your tiles and grout. Wait for the satisfying fizzle and watch build-up disappear. Finally, give all the tiles one last wipe down with warm water.

Bring in the professionals

Admittedly, home cleaning remedies can be laborious. In cases of severe mildew build up, they can also be a lot of work for little to no return. If this is the case for your bathroom tile, don’t worry. The experts at The Grout Specialist are here to help. The Grout Specialist utilizes a line of professional products specially engineered to tackle grout staining. If your white grout still looks gray after hours of scrubbing, it’s time to call them in.

The Grout Specialist can finish the look of your newly sparkling tub and shower by removing and replacing old, cracked and stained caulking. Before you know it, your shower will be as bright and shiny as its happy owner. Call the Grout Specialist today!

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