Choosing the Right Grout Color

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When having new tile installed in their home, most people spend a great deal of time carefully selecting the tile itself, and spend very little on the selection of the grout. Grout color, however, can have almost as big an impact as the tile itself, and an incorrect choice can diminish the look of an entire tile job.

A checklist for choosing the right grout color

Choosing the right tile color can be daunting, but following a few simple rules can take the stress out of the decision.

  1. Consider the location of the tile

Is your new tile in a high traffic area? If so, don’t choose a grout color that will stain. Just say no to white grout in an entryway, for example.

  1. Consider the color of the tile

If you want to play it safe, choose a grout color that is in the same color family as the dominant color in your tile – that is the same shade, or one shade lighter or darker than your tile color.

  1. For a contemporary look, go dark

If you have a clean, contemporary tile, such as a subway or simply rectangular tile, or even classic patterned tiles like penny tiles, you can create a dramatic look by using a darker grout. Black or very dark brown against white will make your tiles pop and will minimize grout cleaning maintenance needed.

  1. If you already have tiles and you hate the grout, don’t panic

One wrong grout choice doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Call in the professionals from The Grout Specialist. The Grout Specialist can clean your old dirty grout and return it to its original color. And if the original color is all wrong, they can still help. The Grout Specialist offers grout tinting so that you can give your tile a whole new look without having to do major renovations.

When in doubt, call the professionals

By following a few simple rules and bringing in the professionals at The Grout Specialist to help with your project, your tile and grout will please the eye for years to come!


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