Before and After Service Recommendations When Replacing Grout

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When it comes to grout replacement, you want to know what to do before and after the repairs. People who don’t take the right steps beforehand often don’t get the full advantage of a repair. 

If you perform a simple inspection on your own before repair happens, you can figure out precisely what is wrong. The service then administered will be much more effective. Similarly, after service, you will want to know how to make sure that the grout is still in good condition and what you can do to make it last as long as possible.

Remove Old Grout and Assess Damage

If you think you’re going to need grout replacement, the first thing you need to do is remove the old grout and assess the damage. Over time, grout can become chipped and cracked, which then leaves the grout open to water damage. If there is damage because of moisture or water, you most likely will have mold. 

If you want to perform grout cleaning, you will have to remove any dirt and debris first before getting in there to tackle the mold and mildew. If it is a severe issue, you may need to get a full-blown replacement. If you are unsure of how to do a proper job, you should always hire professionals as they are bound to do this the best without cutting any corners.

After-treatment following a replacement can help your grout last longer.

After Replacing Grout – Seal Grout

After you have replaced the grout, you’re going to need to seal it and protect it from further damage. Grout sealing is an essential step that many people forget. People think that they can get new grout and don’t need to keep it from getting damaged again in the future. 

But it is a failure to do this step that causes damage down the line. Grout sealing will increase its lifespan and prevent stains, making sure your bathroom or kitchen looks fantastic all the time.

Contact The Grout Specialist if you want to learn more about what to do before and after a repair job. 


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