Should You Seal Your Tile Floors or Just the Grout?

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Throughout your home, various rooms need extra care and attention to detail. The bathroom and kitchen are two main rooms for this, as these rooms see more use out than any other within your home. They are much more prone to damage. 

As both of these rooms have access to plumping and tend to be more at risk of moisture and wetness-related issues, you need to have protective measures to avoid a severe problem like black mold or rotting. 

Benefits Of Sealing Your Tile & Grout

When it comes to tile sealing, you want to make sure that you are always having both the tiles and the grout sealed. As the tiles can accumulate liquid and food particles over time, it can seep into the natural porose stone and damage the tiles if nothing is sealing them. If you do not seal the tiles, they can crack from the inside and eventually show damage on the outside. 

When you seal the grout and the tiling, you can ensure that they will stay in excellent condition for a long time while also combatting things like black mold and other bacterial build-ups. Black mold and bacteria can be a health hazard. Keep this in mind, especially if you have children or pets. 

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The grout and the tile both should be sealed for the utmost protection.

Cleaning Sealed Tiled Floors

When it comes to tile cleaning, you can more easily clean ones that are sealed. These will tend to repel dirt and moisture better so they can easily be wiped away, revealing their shiny natural luster. As there are products that can help protect the sealant, you should invest in these or consult with a flooring or grout expert to best protect these from dirt. 

Tile cleaning is going to be much more straightforward with a proper sealant. Tile sealing is a straightforward process, but it should always be done by a professional. 

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