Winter Maintenance Tips for Stone Patio

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During the winter months, your home can suffer from intense cold and fluctuations in precipitation. Since there will be expansion and contraction occurring, if specific aspects aren’t properly reinforced, they can crack and erode. 

If you have a backyard with an outdoor tiled area, you may be looking for stone patio maintenance. These patios are very useful, but they may look much different when the spring arrives if they are not properly prepared before the winter. 

Protect And Seal Your Patio To Prevent Moisture Damage

As stones are porose, moisture can easily penetrate inside. During the summer, heat quickly dries moisture, so it does not cause much of an issue.

However, during the winter months, the stones will become filled with water, freezing, and repeatedly melting with the snow and rainfall.

Over time this can cause the stones to break or crack, leaving it open to corrosion. If you seal a stone patio, you can ensure that this does not occur. You can contact a professional grout specialist who will see that your stone patio maintenance is brought to the next level. 

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If you seal your stone patio before the winter, you can prevent cracking and erosion.

How To Avoid Stone Cracks From Freezing Temperatures

To ensure your backyard is ready for the winter, check out the three tips below:

  1. Choose a cement or polymer filler for between the various stones, so no shifting occurs. 
  2. Ensure that your area’s edges are well maintained so that no water can pool on the sides and seep underneath the stones. 
  3. Work with a professional to ensure that the stones are sealed adequately enough for the harsh winter. 

By taking these preventative steps and employing a professional’s help to seal your stone patio, you can guarantee it will look great next year. It is best to do these preparations sooner than later. 

Contact The Grout Specialist if you are interested in learning about our winter preparation techniques. 

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