3 Things That Must Be Done When Replacing Your Grout

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When the grout in your home has chips and cracks, it can create an immediate eyesore. But, not only does it have an unappealing appearance, but it can also affect the integrity of your tiles. Moisture can also seep into these small cracks and chips, causing mold and mildew and creating an even more costly and frustrating project.

When the grout in your home — no matter if it is your flooring, your shower wall, or even your countertop — is damaged, you want to repair or replace your grout right away. This project is best left to the professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. They can best determine when grout needs a simple repair or if a full replacement is necessary. If your grout is in need of a replacement, here are three things that the professionals will do.

1. Remove All Damaged Grout

The first thing the specialists will do is remove all damaged grout from around the tiles. This can be a very tricky process as they want to remove the grout without damaging the nearby tiles.

2. Deep Clean the Area

Before any new grout is installed, the area is cleaned well to remove any type of dirt, moisture, mold, and more. This ensures the grout has a solid foundation and helps prevent many potential complications.

grout repair in denver3. Grout is Installed and Sealant is Applied

It is time for the new grout to be installed. This task is best left to the professionals to ensure that the tiles remain structurally sound and the new grout matches your old material. Once the grout is installed, a sealant is applied. Because grout is such a porous material and absorbs many elements such as bacteria and dirt, the sealant acts as a barrier to protect your grout and ensure it looks great for months to come.

If you need a grout specialist to repair the grout in your Denver home, contact The Grout Specialist at 720-923-8765 or contact them online.

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