How Often Should I Reseal Grout?

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Grout is the substance that holds the tiles in your shower, on your countertops, and even on your floor together. It is a very porous material and dirt and bacteria can easily be trapped inside it. Over time, this causes the material to discolor and stain. It makes it appear grungy and grimy and it loses much of its aesthetic appeal. To prevent this from happening, you apply grout sealant over the grout in your home. And while it is an effective solution, it isn’t long-term and you must re-apply it regularly.

How Often Should I Reseal My Grout?

It is recommended that you reseal the grout in your home at least once a year but you may wait longer depending on how much wear the grout receives. If the grout is in a shower that is rarely used, it can often wait. However, in a high-trafficked area like a kitchen floor, it will need to be resealed on a frequent basis. Speak to a local grout specialist to help you determine the right frequency and how often you should reapply sealant to your grout.

How Do I Reseal My Grout?

Tradesperson working with tileWhile you can apply the grout sealant yourself, it is not recommended. You want to hire professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. When it is not, you run the chance of moisture and bacteria finding their way into the grout, damaging it, and causing even more costly repairs. Additionally, before you apply a new layer of grout, it is recommended to deep-clean the existing grout. Expert grout cleaning services use the right equipment and supplies to clean and sanitize your grout and get it looking like new before applying a fresh layer of sealant.

For more questions about grout cleaning and grout sealing services, speak to one of the friendly representatives from The Grout Specialist today at (720) 923 – 8765 or contact them online. They can help you with all your grout and tile needs for your Denver home.

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