Tips to Maintain Your Tile Floor

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Tile floors are a wonderful thing, but they will not take care of themselves. If you have the pleasure of living with a tile-floored bathroom or kitchen, you are familiar with how classy and visually appealing they can be. However, on the flipside, you have probably also noticed that tile floors seem to have a magnetic pull that collects dust and dirt from around the house. As with all things around the house, the quality and enjoyment you get out of your tile floors depend mostly on how well you maintain them.

While tile cleaning and sealing should mostly be left to the professionals in the Lafayette, CO area, that does not mean you can ignore them until they get so bad that you have to call in the professionals. A little bit of neglect may have a large impact on the durability of the tile, which is why you should take the time to learn how to maintain your beloved tiles. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Vacuum RegularlyGrout to Change Colors

The best way to clean tiles is to use a vacuum. Unlike a broom or Swiffer-like tool, both of which are limited in how much dust they can collect, a vacuum is uniquely designed to suck up the dust and dirt that is often hidden in the grout or on the tile itself. A weekly vacuum should do the trick in terms of keeping the grout lines clean.

Mop When There’s A Spill

Neglecting to mop up after a spill is a recipe for a real mess. A spill means different things specific to each room. In the kitchen, for example, a couple drops of soup or sauce might go unnoticed in the frenzy of cooking – but it still constitutes a spill and, if ignored, will harden in place and become a real nuisance to clean. Dirt buildup in grout will happen anyways, so you may as well try to mitigate how fast it happens if you can. You can do yourself a favor by mopping.

These are just some of the maintenance tips you need to keep clean tile floors from exposure to dirt and mold. Lafayette residents looking to get some help with their tile cleaning and sealing needs should not hesitate to contact the Grout Specialists today!

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