When is Regrouting Needed and When is Grout Cleaning Needed

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While tile is incredibly durable, the same cannot be said for grout. While grout can last quite a decent amount of time when properly taken care of, it is going to need several grout service sessions long before the tile ever needs replacing. The question is, when do you clean the grout and when do you just replace it altogether? That’s what this guide is here to help you figure out!

When Grout Needs to Be Cleaned

If you notice that the grout is looking significantly darker than it was when it was first installed, then this is a sign that it is in need of a good cleaning. The same can be said for grout that appears stained.

If properly taken care of, grout should only need to be cleaned about once a year and replaced every 10 to 15 years.

If it is only slightly discolored, then you might be able to clean the grout yourself by using a stiff-bristle brush and some grout scouring powder. Or you can also use a half-and-half solution of water and liquid chlorine bleach. However, if the discoloration is quite drastic, then this is something that should usually be handled by professional grout cleaners.

When Grout Needs to Be Replaced

If the grout continues to be significantly stained even after receiving a thorough grout service, then this means that it probably needs to be replaced. Other indicators that it should be replaced include crumbling or severely cracked grout.

Unless someone specifically knows what they are doing, then regrouting is something that should only be handled by professionals since it is very easy to make a mistake while doing it.

Whether you need your grout cleaned or entirely replaced, make sure that you contact our team of professionals at The Grout Specialist for all of your grout service needs.

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