How Often Should I Clean My Bathroom?

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Cleaning isn’t a job that many people enjoy, which is why people like to know how often they get away with not doing it.

The bathroom is one of the rooms that needs the most attention when it comes to cleaning, as it’s easiest for bacteria to grow here, potentially making you ill, otherwise.

Below are some guidelines for how often certain elements of the bathroom are likely to need cleaning.

Clean your sink every day

The bathroom sink is an area of the house most likely to accumulate bacteria, mostly from washing your hands after using the toilet. Even if it looks clean, the chances are it’s rammed with potentially harmful bacteria. Wipe it down with an anti-bacterial cleaning product daily.

Kitchen sinks are an even bigger black spot for germs due to bacteria from food preparation, so try and do the same here too.

Change towels every other day

This is an area of the bathroom which is easy to neglect. Bath towels can become loaded with bacteria, especially if you don’t let it dry properly. Dandruff-causing fungi are particularly fond of wet towels, so aim to replace yours with new ones at least every other day.

A full clean once a week

E.coli can crop up in dirty bathrooms quicker than you expect, so aim to give it a full clean once a week. Disinfect your toilet, give the bath tub and shower a proper scrub, remove grout from the walls and floor. Replace your shower curtain too. This can attract mildew after a few days, which can cause skin or eye irritation.

The weekly clean can be made a lot quicker, by performing quick simple cleaning tasks on the daily. This includes wiping down taps and mirror splashes, opening the windows to prevent moisture from building up, airing out shower curtains and hanging bath mats out to dry.

If you’ve let your bathroom get into too much of a state to the point where grout is covering your walls and floor, you might want to consider letting a professional company take care of a deep clean.

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