How to Extend the Life of Your Grout

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Grout is an important part of most kitchens and bathrooms. When grout starts to become damaged, it affects the whole look and appeal of the room. Luckily, there are several ways to protect your grout.

Know Your Grout

The lifespan of grout can vary a lot depending on the material, color, and use. Before you invest in Colorado grout, you should learn a little about each available choice and its applications. This research will help you make a more cost-effective decision. Epoxy grout is one of the most popular choices, as it comes in a wide range of colors and is incredibly durable. Sanded grout is a good second choice, as it is extremely durable and provides a unique texture.

Choosing environmentally-friendly products can also help you extend the life of your tile and grout. Green products use modern, cost-effective technology, making them the perfect choice for an upgrade.

Keep It Clean

Regular grout cleanings are a crucial part of maintenance, especially if you have hard water. The minerals from the water can leave behind a residue that builds over time. This residue buildup causes discoloration or makes the grout appear dirty more often. Scrubbing the grout with an effective cleaner at least once per week is recommended.

Repair Grout Damage Immediately

Like all areas of the home, small damage can quickly become a big problem. Slight bumps can cause tiles to become loose, making the floor look awful. If the damage appears small, you may be able to use a sealer to fill in some of the gaps. Keep in mind that it may be hard to find the perfect grout sealer for the room. If you got a professional grout installation in Colorado, ask for recommendations for sealer or other repair products.

Professional Grout Installation

Working with a professional is a great way to ensure your grout is installed and maintained correctly. The Grout Specialist can provide you with grout and tile help every step of the way. Contact our local Colorado company to see how we can easily extend the life of your grout.

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