How to Prevent Your Grout From Prematurely Breaking Down

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Grout is an essential part of any concrete or tile installation. The right grout can not only extend the life of a floor and keep it looking beautiful, but it also serves as a sealer for other materials installed in the same area. Properly installed grout can protect floors from moisture damage and prevent water damage. Grout sealing can help prevent your grout from prematurely breaking down.

What Causes Grout Deterioration

Grout deterioration is a serious problem in bathrooms and kitchens, but it is hard to diagnose. The main visible signs are usually white streaks down the wall and around the grout. Sometimes, you can see a small patch of grout that has changed color, and sometimes it looks like the grout is losing its luster. A poorly ventilated room, such as the bathroom and kitchen, is more susceptible to grout deterioration. Tiles in outdoor areas that are in contact with weather and outdoor elements are also more prone to breaking down. And, if the grout is not sealed, it will break down even quicker.


Make sure your grout is regularly cleaned to keep your tiles looking fresh.

Solutions to Deteriorating Grout

The grout in your home is a sad testament to the fact that you can’t keep anything clean forever. You wash it, you scrub it, you spot clean it, you bleach it, you spray it, you even use vinegar and  other cleaning supplies to try and get rid of the grime. None of it works. Sure, it might work for a few days, but eventually, the grime will return, just as it always does. It’s time to do something about it. Grout sealing in your bathroom or kitchen can prevent this from happening and can also help strengthen the grout, depending on the type of grout you have. Additionally, seeking re-grouting or grout repair services are other solutions to get your tiles back to looking brand new.

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