2 Signs That You Need to Repair Your Travertine

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Patios are the perfect spot to hang out on a sunny, summer afternoon. You can take in the nice weather with friends, share a meal with your family and just sit down and enjoy a good book. The possibilities are endless.

However, patios don’t last forever. Over years of enjoyment, travertine stones or tiles can go through a lot of wear and tear. This wear and tear can lead to permanent damage to the patio. Although this wear and tear rarely leads to any safety issues, it lowers the visual appeal of the patio. There are a number of ways your patio will tell you that its tiles or stones are in need of replacement.

Repair Your Travertine


Over time, the patio tiles or stones will start to shift in the ground and can be moved if touched. This is due to the ground freezing and thawing in the winter and spring. As falls turns to winter, the ground begins to harden, which condenses the ground. As winter turns to spring, the ground loosens up, giving the tiles excess room. After a number of years, there is enough room that the stones can be easily moved.


The most obvious sign that patio stones or tiles needs replacing is when they form cracks. Although hairline cracks don’t pose any safety issues, the cracks are known to expand in size. If a crack is big enough that a finger or toe can slide in and out of it, then the tile or stone should be replaced immediately.

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