How Tile Beats Out Hardwood

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If you’re planning on having hardwood flooring installed in your home instead of tile replacement in Colorado, you may want to reconsider. Both of these are popular options due to their visual appeal as well as their ideal use in rooms like kitchens, but there are pros and cons behind both. If you take a closer look, you can see where tile pulls ahead in many situations.

What’s Wrong With Hardwood?

grout repair company in DenverWhen it comes to aesthetics, a lot of people think that hardwood may be the prime option, but don’t sell tile short just yet. There are more designs and colors than ever to match your tastes. Just look at some housing magazines to see the truth. Perhaps the biggest benefit when it comes to using tile over hardwood is how easy it is to take care of and clean. Tile is naturally waterproof and water resistant, which is well suited to handle the spills of a kitchen environment. In addition, it’s well suited for heavy foot traffic because tile is inherently difficult to scratch. By comparison, hardwood is both more likely to show damage as well as more difficult to repair when it happens.

What About Price?

When it comes to the price of a hardwood floor versus a tile floor, you need to give consideration to the entire expense for the lifetime of that floor, not just a few basic things. For example, some people say that the installation for tile can be more expensive than for hardwood. Firstly, this will vary based on the contractors you work with, and also, the materials for hardwood tend to be more expensive. If you live in an area where lumber is scarce, you may wipe out any potential savings that you get. In addition, with wood, you have the added expense of needing to pay for the occasional refinishing.

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