Using Travertine Tiles Outdoors

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When doing landscaping outside, travertine is always a good option. This is due to its ability to withstand heat and it’s long lifespan. It has has a rustic look that is perfect for the outdoors. However, travertine is often underutilized; this is possibly due to people not knowing much about it. There are a number of ways that you can utilize travertine outside.


Travertine tiles are great for gardens. They can be used ornamentally or they can be stacked on top of each other to create a wall. The warm brown color of the travertine goes well with the soil and plants. The wall can also have the practical use of keeping out small animals.


If you have a big enough backyard, it can be helpful to create a path. Travertine tiles are perfect for paths thanks to their sturdiness and their thickness. They are a good choice due to their color, which helps them stand out in the grass. You could purchase multiple shades of travertine and make a pattern out of the pathway. Remember to wear shoes on them, because they can be a little bit gritty.

Pool Deck

Travertine is the perfect material for a pool deck. This is thanks to its ability to reflect the sun’s heat rays, allowing it to stay cooler than most materials. It is also slip resistant due to its gritty texture. This is important when picking a material for pool decks, as swimming pools can be a hotspot for accidents and injuries.


Much like the pool deck, travertine is a great material for patios due to its ability to stay cool in hot temperatures. This allows family members and guests to take off their shoes without having to worry about burning their feet.

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