What Causes Discolored Grout?

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Discolored grout can be an absolute nightmare for any homeowner in Boulder, CO. Grout discoloring can turn your immaculate tile flooring into an embarrassment that you’ll want to hide from all of your house guests. What could have possibly happened to take the bright white sparkle out of your grout?

Cleaning supplies

Using the right cleaning supplies is an essential part of maintaining the color of your grout.

Common Causes for Grout Discoloration

There are more culprits of grout discoloring than you might think. Here are a few of the most common causes for grout darkening:

  • Unmanaged spills
  • Using the wrong cleaning chemicals
  • Using harsh steam mops as a method of tile cleaning
  • Walking over tile frequently with shoes on
  • Tracking pool water into the home
  • Mistakes in the grout mixture process
  • Not using a grout sealing solution
  • Using the wrong grout sealer

It’s true, a lot can happen to change the color of your grout for the worst. Unfortunately, their tile flooring. Improper technique and use of the wrong cleaning supplies can cause things to go south quickly. Without a professional grout cleaner, your grout won’t just become discolored — it could crack too.

Using Professional Grout Cleaning Services

Thankfully, the mistakes that were made to leave your grout in a less-than-ideal condition can be corrected. Additionally, the solution doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

It is recommended that homeowners use a professional grout cleaning service for the best results. Experienced professionals know exactly what chemicals to use that will make your grout look brand new again. They are also trained in restoration methods that can’t be beaten by DIY cleaning tactics. Once your grout is fully restored, expert cleaners can also seal your grout and tiling to prevent any factors from tarnishing it.

Are you searching for a way to get your tiling and grout looking brand new again? The Grout Specialist has licensed professionals who can fix any grout issues you have at your home. To learn more about our grout cleaning and sealing services, contact our team today.

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