Grout 101: 3 Things You Should Know

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Whether you have tile on your countertops, shower, or even your kitchen floor, the grout is the substance that holds everything together. Many homeowners don’t pay any attention to this substance until it is damaged, discolored, or in need of repair. Here are just three things you should know about the grout in your home.

1. It Isn’t Just to Look Good

The color of grout that you choose can either accentuate or blend in well with your tiles. It can accent a certain feature or hardly stand out. But keep in mind that this substance isn’t just to look good. It is designed to bond the tiles together, creating a more sturdy and durable surface.

2. It is Extremely Porous

Do you wonder why the grout in your home changes colors? Grout is extremely porous and is made from sand, cement, and water. It traps in bacteria, dirt, and grime and over time this changes the colors and the appearance of the grout. While there are some DIY methods for scrubbing grout, they are often ineffective. Ideally, you will want to call a grout cleaning specialist to visit your home and properly clean and sanitize the grout.

3. Grout Must Be Sealed Regularly

The Grout Specialist before and after grout cleaningOne way to help keep your grout looking like new and to prevent the dirt and grime from being trapped inside it is to seal it. The sealant is essentially an application you place over the grout, acting as a barrier against moisture and bacteria. Many experts recommend you apply the grout sealant at least once a year but you will want to visit a grout specialist to determine what is best for your own home.

If you want to learn more about tiles and grout in your Denver home, or if you are in need of experts for grout repair, grout discoloration, or even grout sealing, call The Grout Specialist in Denver today at (720) 923 – 8765 or contact them online.

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