The Best Reasons to Invest in Grout

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Grout is a very underappreciated feature. While we like to think of grout as just the stuff that fills the spaces between tiles, it is much more than that. This special filler has the power to completely transform the look of a room, eliminate mildew, protect against dirt, and keep tiles in place. Use this quick guide to learn more about grout and how it can help your home.

Grout Isn’t Just for Bathrooms

There are tiles all around the home. Most people know about the tiles that line their shower or fill their floors, but they rarely consider small spaces like the backsplash behind the stove. No matter where the tiles are, grout is an excellent addition.

Update a Room with New Grout

Most grout is a plain white colored substance that evenly fills in space around each tile. Multiple colors are available to help homeowners get the ideal look they want with minimal effort. Just choose a color that complements the tiles and contributes to the theme of a room. Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors or create a pattern; not all grout has to remain neutral.

Get Rid of Smells

Grout is designed to absorb the water surrounding the tiles. Absorbing water keeps the water from getting trapped beneath the tile or in small holes. Many stagnant bathroom smells come from still water festering over time. Adding grout doesn’t just help remove excess water, it helps prevent mildew buildup.

Keep an Area Clean

Because grout eliminates gaps between the tiles, the surface becomes easier to clean. Choose a darker grout color to protect against potential stains for a longer-lasting clean.

Preserve Your Tiles

The primary purpose of grout isn’t to look good or prevent odors; it is to help keep the tiles in place. This sealer doesn’t stick to the tiles. Instead, it fills in any available space. Sealing the space prevents the tiles from shifting over time. It also helps keep people safe; you can walk on the sleek tiles without accidentally kicking one loose.

Trouble Sealing in Grout? Bring in the Experts!

Grout has a lot of great benefits, but installation, repair, and replacement aren’t always easy. Let the Grout Specialist help you get the perfect grout for any room. Contact us today to learn more.

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